April 2009

This year marks the 39th anniversary of Earth Day.  Celebrated on different days by different nations, (the UN officially celebrates on March 21st), Earth Day has reportedly become “the largest secular holiday in the world”,  according to Earth Day Network, with no boundaries as to creed or religion.  I wonder if Senator Gaylord Nelson ever envisioned such a mass embracement.

There is good reason to celebrate.  Our one, tiny universe is home to an estimated 100 billion galaxies.  In all our years studying these galaxies whether it be with refractive telescopes, infrared or radio waves, we have not yet found anything comparative to our beautiful blue planet.

Are we a result of a quantum fluctuation?  Are we divinely crafted?  Does it matter?

All we really know is this…

there is no place like home.

How many are there?

How many are there?


 Would you like to help astronomers classify galaxies.  If so, log onto Galaxy Zoo.  Take their How To tutorial, create a log in account and spend your free time exploring space.  https://www.galaxyzoo.org/

Want to support clean energy and green collar jobs?  Join the WE Campaign at Repower America.  http://www.repoweramerica.org/earthday

Have a few minutes?  Send an ecard, sign a petition or read the latest Enews at Care 2 http://www.care2.com/

I believe the earth needs a good lawyer and so do the people of Earthjustice.  If you agree please join us at http://www.earthjustice.org/

Didn’t know it was an art form?  Neither did I.

According to Webster’s the definition of art includes:

  • the principles or methods governing any craft or branch of learning.
  • skill in conducting any activity.

It’s just amazing how many artists we have in the world these days…

I come to this new form of communication with no contrivance.  Instead, I am allowing this space develop as I become inspired.

Today I added two new pages.  One will be for writing prompts,( unfortunately, these do not usually come to me when I am ready to write, they usually come to me when I want to be sleeping).  The other page will be for book reviews, (or movies), which I feel led to share.

So far I have left each page open for comments so don’t be shy.

Well, I finally did it.  I finally created a blog.  I had no intention of doing this today, but sometimes life takes us down a path we don’t plan on.  When this happens I have found that it is usually to my benefit to jump in the boat and go with it.  I love that line in Polar Express, that it doesn’t matter where the train is going, what matters is getting on.

My day actually started out on a rather challenging note….

First my partner’s alarm doesn’t go off…he awakens 90 minutes late.

Then, I come into my office to get in some writing time…

My floor lamp won’t work even though I just replaced the bulb three days ago.  Of course this happens on an almost-never-happens-in-Arizona overcast day.  I may have to work by candlelight.

Then I get an error message at boot up.  The instructions tell me to do a system restore and then update my driver.  Well, silly me had mistakenly used McAfee to clean my system a few days ago and now all my restore points are no longer accessible.  This I find out after trying at least six different points, I have a stubborn learning curve.

Is Mercury in retrograde?

Then it hit me; this is a funny metaphor for life.  Your restore points are no longer accessible.  There is no going back, you will have to repair what you can and move forward.

Guess it’s time to let go of the wish-I-would-haves and the I-liked-it-better-whens and just resign myself to the I-can-dos.


So, with the thoughts of going forward and the energy of the I-can-dos I somehow ended up creating a blog site.


That’s life for ya.