Strange noises, strange smells, shadow figures and unexplained happenings… You have determined that you are sharing your home with uninvited, other-worldly guests but how did they get there? More importantly, what can you do about them?

First, to understand anything considered paranormal or even spiritual you must have a basic understanding of energy. It is the attraction, accumulation and stagnation of low-level energy or vibes which attract and hold lower vibrational spirits or entities. Consequently, it is the attraction, accumulation and flow of positive or higher vibrational energy which will be your tool in giving them the boot.

The only thing to fear is fear

Everything is energy; in this case we are talking about emotional energy. When those ghoulies go passing through town they do not see the pink house and the green house, they see the emotional energy within the house. Any energetic vibration that strikes a chord with their own vibrational field will pull them in.

Negative energy is heavier than positive, you know this to be true because when you are depressed or angry you feel heavy and when you are happy you feel lighter. This dense, dark energy tends to coagulate. It loves closed in spaces and clutter. It loves angry words and violent movies. When spirits or entities find a delicious pocket of negative energy they accept your invitation to feed from it and play with it.

Your intent creates your experience; this is the most important lesson

Like any dank, musty space energetic coagulations need to be aired out. The energetic flow needs to be opened up. We need to raise the vibration or, in other words, turn up the lights. Acknowledging the darkness or negativity is the first start. Once you know how you are contributing to the negative you can adjust your habits and your thoughts. There are tools to use for raising the vibration of the house, but in the end it will be the conscious knowledge of yourself and your self-governing which will maintain a healthy home.

You are bigger than you think you are

You have a direct connection to the divine. That is not a religious statement, it is simply fact. Whatever you choose to call the animated energy in all things (Life Force, Creation, God, Goddess, All That Is, Allah, Great Spirit…) we are all part of it. My favorite visual prompt for this is to think of an ocean. The water evaporates, becomes rain or snow, and eventually returns to the source. Each rain drop might be seen as separate but all water is connected. It is only our human illusion which sees ourselves as separate from all other life and therefore separate from The Source or God.

Once we understand that there is absolutely no way to be separate from this creative life force we “pump up the jam” so to speak—turn up our vibration. Now, the energy we have to work with is no longer “our” energy, it is life force energy. This is how “healers” heal; it is “God” flowing through. When you ground yourself, which is bringing your focused attention  to this one moment as in a “be here now” experience, and open your heart to that connection with that life force energy your energy field becomes brighter and bigger.

Clearing the way

Now we are ready to talk about exorcism or house clearing but first a word of warning. These “others” can not hurt you unless you allow them to. This is a true statement but what does it mean? It means that disembodied spirits or entities do not have the ability to “create” but they can manipulate. If you have any doubts or fears about your safety, your ability to control the situation, your effectiveness with the clearing or your authority to order them out chances are you will not be happy with the results. This is why, in extreme situations such as poltergeist activities, it is best to call in an expert.

Now, when I say “expert” I do not mean “ghost hunter”. Remember our discussion of negativity? Your home will not be cleared of negative energy by a bunch of people trying to muscle down their own fear as they run around chasing ghosts with electrical recording devices and shouting taunts. An expert would be someone who has been trained in holding their divine space with absolute conviction. An expert has experience in discerning their own thoughts from the thoughts of others. And, an expert has practice with the movement of energy, sensing it, seeing it and re-energizing a space. When the negative energy is moved out a void is left behind and must be consciously filled. Choose an expert according to your own belief system and comfort level. Shaman, Priest, Medium, etc… Just be sure you check references and practice common sense; there are many frauds out there.

The actual clearing is simple in theory; the maintained focus is the difficult part. Basically, you should have several adults gathered who understand how to ground themselves and maintain focus. Once all parties feel they are ready, combine your energies to work as one unit.

One person will be the voice and leader. Your actual ceremony may vary depending on your belief system but most will begin with some kind of guided meditation or visualization where the group unites energies and calls in guides, angels, ancestors, etc… to assist the party. Once the strength of unity is accomplished the party moves through the house telling the “others” to leave and reinforcing positive energy through tools such as incense; song, toning or chant; drumming, singing bowls, etc… Each room is blessed, each doorway and window sealed.

The tools

Remember our talk about vibration. Everything carries a vibration or energy imprint. Different incense carry different energies; the clearing plants and resins include white sage, sweet grass, nag champa, dragon’s blood (a resin) and copal. Plants and resins which raise vibration include frankincense, sandalwood, pinon, cedar and rose.   

Sounds which raise vibration include the OM, which is said to be foundational sound of creation; pure sounds that correlate with our chakras which can be achieved with tuning forks or singing bowls; or drumming as long as the focused intent is in connecting to the divine.

Crystals also have vibration. A good reference book for crystals is Love Is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody.  Briefly, amethyst raises spiritual energy and is easy to work with. Quartz only amplifies energy so if you use it make sure you pair it with another crystal such as amethyst. Rose quartz is very healing but is softer and works better on people than in spaces.

Maintaining your healthy home

Through developing sensitivity for energies and making conscious choices you can maintain a vibrationally healthy home. There are many tools at your disposal, a bit of fun research into what feels right for you and your family is all you need to create and maintain an energetically balanced space.

Here are a few places to start:

To learn to recognize energy, discern the flow of energy and raise energy you might enjoy Carolyn Myss ( I recommend beginning with her DVD on The Energetics of Healing.

To learn about the various intuitive gifts and how to nurture them I recommend Caron Goode’s book Raising Intuitive Children ( You don’t need to have children to enjoy this book; think of it as raising your intuitive inner child.

Caron’s other book, Kids Who See Ghosts, is a nationwide bestseller. This one is a guide for parents wondering if their ghost-sensing children are normal and how to deal with them in a knowledgeable and compassionate way.

That concludes my series of posts on ghosts, hauntings, and reclaiming your space. You may agree with me or disagree, either way is fine. I invite you to leave a comment or share your experience—there is still time to enter the random drawing.

 Happy Halloween, Merry Samhain and Blessed All Souls Day!