Ahhh, the lazy days of summer are here.  Do you remember running barefoot through the grass, drinking from the hose, eating popsicles…who wouldn’t want to experience that carefree feeling again?  I would, so today I made lemonade popsicles.

I had seen the molds at the local CVS for $1.00 – what a deal.  When I returned home, however, I found that instead of the single pop molds in a tray that I remember this makes four pops in one mold.  Not as easy to pull out one pop– and am I mistaken or are these much smaller than I remember?

The world needs adult sized popsicle molds.  While we’re at it, how about adult sized peddle cars?  I’m not talking about inclined bicycles; I’m talking about little red fire engines with bench seats…okay, with lumbar support.

So what if we make popsicles from left-over coffee or margarita mix or choose peddle cars that look like pink Cads or Ferraris.  The point is that we could, for a time, recapture that carefree innocence of summer.