Writing prompts are a fun way to kick-start your creative flow. 

Bee Creative

The Bee Diva is addressing the United Nations- what does she say?
Write a poem or song using some or all of the following words:
Honey, Bee, Pollen, Sunshine, Shipping, Pest, Commerce, Native, Offspring, Plants, Nectar, Vanished, Plea, Connected, Circle, Save, Leaf, Offering, Hope

Follow the Light

It is said that souls travel on beams of light, which is why lanterns are an important part of most Festivals of the Dead.

Prompt:  You are a disembodied soul.  What forms of light would you be riding and where would that light take you?

Autumn’s Reflection

You are the season of Autumn, the archetype if you will.   Decribe your experience of stepping into the place Summer has held.  How do you see yourself or your life’s purpose?


Through the Mists of May

There are many portals into the Otherworld; caves, lakes, wells and mist are just a few.

It is early on May Day morn.  Parched from a night of merry making you arise from your bed of leaves and set forth in the direction of the lake.  The morning mist surrounds you.  Heavy dew drops drip from your hair.  Your cloths cling to your body.  Have you lost your way?  The landscape is unfamiliar.

Suddenly, a flash of blue.  There behind that ancient Oak.  You have entered the Land of the Faye.  People do not stumble into this land, they are only invited.  What do the Faery Folk want of you?

 Be a tree

This one is in honor of Arbor Day on Friday, April 24th.

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

What kind of soil would you prefer?  Sandy and well draining?  Rich and tightly packed?

What about water level and humidity (tip; water is commonly a symbol of the emotional body)?

Would your trunk and branches be gnarled and twisted from always bending to the wind (or to others)?

Would you be in a grove or solitary?  Would you be fruit, flower or nut bearing?

Describe yourself as a tree, or draw a picture  if you are a visual artist. 

If you like you can name this new species.

World within a reflection.

You’ve found a mirror which is a doorway to another world.  How do you experience that world?

Is is sharp or cold?

Do all mirrors connect to this world or can you only experience what it’s surface has reflected?

Imagine a world with no red.

The world government has outlawed the color red.  No red paint or dye is available.  How would that affect your life?

Now think of the color red as emotion.  What would the world be like with no passion or anger?

4 Responses to “Writing Prompts”

  1. A world with no red? Would strawberries taste as sweet? Would the government tax you or imprisson you if you bleed? hmmm…you have got me thinking. On the bright side, that stubborn red juice stain in my van wouldn’t be there, or at least it might be a color that would blend with the grey carpeting.

    I like this. I may just come here when I feel blocked 🙂

    1. Jeannie Says:

      Got it! Thanks a lot again for heiplng me out!

  2. Benjamin bee flew lazily
    From bud to blossom amorously
    His heart was smitten by true love
    For he had fallen for another bug

    While busily flying beside Timberline Lake
    He happened upon katydid Kate
    Though he stopped only to chat for a bit
    He hadn’t a clue loves flames would be lit

    When his friends heard about it the all told him nay
    What could possibly come of love spent that way
    But he paid them no mind his mind had been set
    “Kate is the one” said he, “of that you can bet”

    Now Kate was much larger and faster than he
    After all she’s a Katydid and he is a bee
    But the nectar of love he found in her kiss
    Was like honey to him and provided him bliss

    But Kate’s father found out she fell in love with a bee
    And determined that was a marriage he’d never see
    She cried to her father “please accept my hearts plea”
    But cry as she would no hope could she see

    So they flew from the native land they both loved
    To a place far away a place with sunshine above
    And as He went flower to flower and she leaf to leaf
    They live happy together but they sure had strange children

  3. ooops….this was supposed to be a responce to “Bee Creative” I also have one for the arbor day on a more seriouis note.

    Ode to a tree

    Its branches stretching in the air
    To catch strewn rays from heavens lair
    Anchored by its massive trunk
    Roots spread out, in the soil sunk.

    Years passed from when it was a seed
    Surviving rain, the drought, and choking weed
    It’s seen young boy’s turn to men
    Their ode to love carved into its skin

    Swings held with chains from high above
    Used for joy and play and talk of love
    Now but memories fallen by
    Bringing a pause a smile and reflective sigh

    Stories told beneath its shade
    Of love and strife and debts unpaid
    Linger still with in its heart
    Nary a word will it impart

    Of fierce storms that passed this way
    The lightning, thunder and windy days
    It will not boast but remains stark
    This Mighty Oak withholds its bark

    The arborist from up above
    Placed it with care and nurtured love
    That joy and rest might be received
    For those whom paused beneath its eaves

    Its kin and kind remiss this day
    For progress and need were cast away
    Turned to timber, mulch, and fire made
    Of their memories lost, and thoughts decayed

    As home for squirrel and nesting pair
    It stretches high into the air
    Providing for them a house and home
    God sent that it not be alone

    Seasons come and seasons pass
    On them its mighty shadow cast
    But what of when there comes a day
    When it to will have gone away

    What memories will linger of its life?
    The odes to love carved with a knife
    Promises made below its bough
    Will they matter not? What of the vows?

    They will remain in blood-toned stain
    Carved deep that endless time sustain
    For it’s memory stands within the soul
    And brings forth this chalcedony ode

    SA Lawrence

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