One of the blessings of living in America is the freedom to explore other cultures and participate in their celebrations—perhaps adopting them into our own lives. This open doorway to new experiences is one not exercised often enough. Stepping outside of our comfort zone allows us to see our own lives from a different viewpoint; often lending enlightenment to hidden thoughts and feelings.

This weekend I encourage everyone to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Light. In a celebration which lasts several days participants give thanks for the bounty of their crops, close their financial books for the past year, and invite Prosperity into their homes for the coming year. Sound like Thanksgiving and New Years all rolled into one, doesn’t it? In a way, it is, but it is the intent which warms me.

An open heart– truly this is what a light festival is all about. As lamps or candles are lit to symbolize Truth or Good triumphing over Evil it is really the darkness in our own hearts we are chasing out. Chase out the envy, the sorrow, the prejudice and greed. Welcome in a greater knowledge of ourselves, a kindness and compassion for all beings, and our connection with that Divine spark in all of us.

Opening our homes to Abundance is the same process. Just as we clear the clutter from our hearts and minds, we clear it from our homes—our homes being a symbol of ourselves. Donning our finest clothes we acknowledge and give gratitude for the blessings in our life. Then, by inviting our loved ones into our homes to partake in delicious food and exchange gifts we are inviting the vibration or essence of Prosperity in as guest. Prosperity seeks the open, receptive heart.

May many blessing illuminate your path.

Happy Diwali,


For more information on the celebration of Diwali visit, that is where I found this beautiful picture.