May 2013

I just came across this video and want to share it with you.

Why should you care about GMOs? Because studies have proven they are not safe, because other countries have banned them, and because your food labels may not disclose all the ingredients. Have you ever thought about the corn oil used in your condiments or packaged foods? What about the non-organic fruits and veggies you purchase? What about your pet’s food?

Not only are GMOs unhealthy for consumers, the crops are unhealthy for our pollinating friends (bees, butterflies. etc…) and unhealthy for our local farmer’s pocketbook– GMO crops don’t reseed very well which means repurchasing seeds each season.

Please purchase, garden, and vote wisely.

Pipe_Dreams_preview.1If you’re tired of a summer reading list filled with sappy romance novels then listen up, this book has “bite”!

The scenario:

Due to bio warfare we are now under military control. That alone is scary enough, but add some genetic engineering, an organized “underground”, spice it up with potential romance and stir with the manipulator of all manipulators and you have one heck of a meal.

My thoughts:

What I love about Pipe Dreams, and what frightens me the most, is the believable plot that could very well happen tomorrow (conspiracy theorists will eat this up). Although listed as “dystopian,” this novel is tame enough for any fiction lover to enjoy.

Allison keeps up the pace with plenty of plot twists and engaging dialog. She offers us a diverse cast of characters each with their own convictions and illustrates “how our individual pursuit of dreams affects our collective reality.”

Allison’s voice has been described as poetic or lyrical. Perhaps it is the artist in her that allows “heart” to shine through her writing. Her scenes are visually descriptive; her characters’ emotions tangible. Intelligent wordplay and structure blend her writing, in any genre, into something more literary. This is Destiny Allison’s first novel, but it is her second book. Shaping Destiny, her memoir, was published in March of 2012 (I reviewed it here).

Pipe Dreams will be released on June 3rd, but don’t let that delay you! You can get a sample of the book or pre-order a copy. Allison will be blog-touring in July; sign up on her mailing list to find out more about the tour. Also, you can follow on Twitter with the hashtag #pipedreams.

Note to all artists and writers: Destiny Allison is paying it forward! Twenty-five percent of her proceeds through June will be given to someone with a project or dream to fuel. Read more about that on her site.

Happy May Day!

Traditionally, May Day celebrates the Earth’s stirring from her winter slumber. In honor of this bridge between Earth Month and the coming summer I would like to share a couple of poems from Sublime Planet by Magdalena Ball and Carolyn Howard-Johnson. These poems are re-printed with their permission. You can find two more poems, plus an interview with the authors at


The Man I Love and The Writing Spider

by Carolyn Howard-Johnson


Proud Arachne weaving threads of silver

into words became a changeling

at the hand of Zeus. Charlotte knew

the power of words

could save even a pig. The Writing

Spider my imagination’s



Forgetting my reverence for its writing

skills I begin to slide the patio door against

this micro werewolf in righteous

self-defense, his imagined face vicious,

hairy his legs, those tools under his belly

no longer idealized



Just in time, my husband, child of Zen,

tenderly shanghais my attacker. A folded

tissue—a papery cocoon not unlike

the silky space this spider makes

for herself in window


his palm.


He shakes her loose

from her pristine hammock


near the mound where ants

hang out to dine at will

on any fallen enemy

or comrade.


Saving one to kill or be killed.

Once, the savior of this story


rescued a bee, legs

and antennae

fruited with pollen,

only to have it plant its stinger

in his thumb and slowly die



Neither bee nor spider

aware of how tender

and treacherous my hero’s




by Magdalena Ball


Slowly, if you will

tip toeing through the biomass

pores hot and open

body on alert

pick through chemical decomposition

charred landscape of desire.


The wood beneath your fingers

terra preta

veins visible against filtered light;

a promise

you may or may not keep.



a concept too vague and amoral

to hold you.


The dirt below

becomes wilderness in your brain

the boggy soil in your gut

inspires forward motion.


Sublime Planet is the most recent book in The Celebration Series; I like the fact that all proceeds go to the World Wildlife Fund. If you like reading and sharing great poetry you’ll want to check out the rest of these titles. All are available as paperback and e-books.

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Have a little May Day fun and share a short poem with us! In the comment section below, share a poem on the theme of May Day or Spring. Keep it short–under 200 character, like a Tweet.