Red Cedar Candle HolderDo you appreciate simple beauty? I do, and I love all things “earthy” and “green.” A friend recently gifted me with this stunning candle holder and let me tell you—it’s my new favorite thing.

Handmade by a gentleman in Arizona, this candleholder was crafted from one solid piece of Red Cedar. There is no finish on the wood; the shine is the result of a little bit of wax and some buffing. It feels smooth as satin and smells heavenly—I’ll be using an unscented candle in this one! Where is the scratch-n-Sniff button? You gotta smell this!

Along with my candle holder was a paper detailing where the wood came from. My holder was “harvested from a stand of Red Cedar that was being cleared as part of a fire control project in the Ohio River Valley” where the trees can be rather invasive. Donson Wood Works, the company that made the candle holder, “uses only renewable sources of wood.”

This is a gift I can feel good about. I appreciate that this artist is conscientious enough to use renewable sources and I love supporting local craftspeople and small businesses which is why I decided to post about this candle holder. A quick scan of the website showed all sorts of wonderful creations (check out the Steam Punk Pepper Mills). Great prices too!