July 2012

Charlie- A Love StoryThose of us lucky enough to have had childhood pets sometimes take the human-animal connection for granted. But Barbara, who could not have a puppy as a child, never has. Once able to fulfill her childhood longing, Barbara opened her home to both dogs and cats. Then, one very special someone came into her life—a Golden named Charlie.

Charlie: A Love Story is Barbara’s ode to her very best friend. Taken directly from her personal journal, the entries invite us into her innermost thoughts as she experiences the aging and eventual passing of her beloved Charlie.

Any who have lost a special friend will relate to how the colors of life merge from vivid to gray when a pet is ill—this is apparent in Barbara’s entries. When Charlie is healthy and happy the author delights us with detailed descriptions of her California garden; the new plantings, the blooms and scents. .. When Charlie is ill her focus is all on him.

Having lived in California I found the garden entries particularly soothing against the backdrop of Charlie’s illness. Familiar with the weather patterns, the various plants in Barbara’s garden, and all the cities mentioned I felt as if I was right there with her. Also familiar with the intense grief of loosing a special friend, the loss of Charlie stirred my own not-yet-healed emotions. Thankfully, this book ends not with the loss of Charlie but with Barbara’s coming to terms with it…her healing, which allowed me a bit more healing as well.

Charlie: A Love Story will touch your heart. If you love gardening, pets, and memoirs I recommend this love story. To read more about Barbara and Charlie go to charliealovestory.com. Barbara is having a virtual book tour this month and several stops are hosting giveaways.

Kamie at The Casual Natural Southern Feminist http://casualnatural.wordpress.com/ has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you, Kami!

In keeping with the Versatile Blogger Award tradition, here is my list of ten to fifteen nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Michelle Mach (@beadsandbooks) Beads & Books http://michellemach.com/blog/
Michelle keeps a lovely site. She creates beautiful jewelry, edits crafting books and inspires others with her creative contests.

-GhostPhareal (@GPhareal) Rediscover Reading http://rediscoverreading.wordpress.com/

Rede’couvre La Lecture http://redecouvrelalecture.wordpress.com/

GPhareal treats readers to a lost story every day–saved from the dusty boxes in the public domain catacombs and resurrected in your mail box. A special treat is when GP treats us to original works. Bonus: Available in English and French.

Christine at Texana’s Kitchen http://texanaskitchen.com/ Dinner is served—with a side of humor (and mouth-watering pictures)

Peggy at Kick Back Moments http://pstrack.blogspot.com/  “A place where the art of relaxing, laughing and slowing down is explored.” This site is a tribute to “chillin.”

Dan at The Soulsby Farm-a very small farm http://soulsbyfarm.wordpress.com/ Remember the show “Green-Acres”? Dan’s family is a real-life example of escaping city pressure for a farm in the country. He shares beautiful pictures and tips about country life—like how to grow heirloom veggies.

Susie at Lindau’s Wilde Ride  http://Susielindau.com/  Susie is always up to something!

Rita at A Tattered Past http://www.tatteredpast.blogspot.com/  “My ongoing journey through genealogy, history, writing, self-exploration and art. “ You never know what Rita will come up with—fresh bread, old pictures, or some new skill she’s learning (wool-spinning anyone?)

Patty at My Life Under the Bus http://www.mylifeunderthebus.typepad.com/  Patty shares her experiences from sweating it out selling jewelry at the crafts fair or some new artist she comes across.

Valerie at Pencil & Leaf  http://pencilandleaf.blogspot.com/  “Observations and inspiration from nature” A talented artist, Valerie combines her wonderful artwork with educational information and personal experience. Just beautiful!

Andi at Misadventures with Andi http://www.misadventureswithandi.com/  “Merry Musings of a Feisty Foodie slash lit-chickie slash globe trotting wannabe Frenchie!” That pretty much sums it up!

Krysten at Brunch at Tiffany’s http://krystenlindsay.blogspot.com/  A fun little blog combining Krysten’s ponderings on life and some book reviews.

Mason Canyon at Thoughts in Progress http://masoncanyon.blogspot.com/  “A place for my mind to gather its images” This is primarily a book review site but there is a lot of information here. Thankfully, Mason has added a music playlist—so kick back and enjoy yourself!

Cheryl at Cmash Loves to Read http://cmashlovestoread.com/ Book reviews, guest posts, and contest galore! Grab a cuppa because you’ll be here awhile.

There are many more blogs I could list here, and I apologize to friends and followers I have not included. I just created this list off the top of my head.
In accepting this award I’ve agreed to share seven things about myself:

  • I once spent 6 hours sitting in the desert sun taking pictures of a tortoise laying a clutch of eggs.
  • I once stitched up a lion’s belly. (It was after a necropsy had been performed.)
  • I will continue to water and feed a plant when others tell me it is already dead. (Many times those people are proven wrong)
  • I gravitate toward statues and three dimensional arts.
  • I once worked as a dental assistant…until I fainted while assisting in the shaving of a decayed jawbone.
  • My (seemingly) unattainable dream is to earn a pilot’s certificate
  • My fifteen minutes of fame was on the front page of a local paper after leading a picket against Icelandic Whaling. It was part of a Greenpeace protest. My dad drove two hours to join me.

Go ahead and share! Let us know something about you, your favorite blog, or what you think of blog awards.