A Self Portrait

Desert Dreams- A Self Portrait by rlc


Welcome to A Ponderance of Things, a place to view life with a different eye.  Here we can explore the larger meaning in everyday experiences, discover shared philosophies, be exposed to new ideas and hopefully regain a sense of wonder for this world and all who share it. 

My name is Robyn Chausse.  I am a writer, lifetime ponderer and creative spirit. This is my personal blog–something I do for fun as opposed to a professional “marketing” site.

So, kick off your shoes and pour a cup of tea. You never know what you will find here; bits of trivia, thoughts on cultural and environmental issues, book reviews, recipes, poems, discussions on the paranormal, … Because life is diverse and we are all multifaceted beings–you never know where we will end up!

Thank you for visiting.


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