I’ve been busy over at Museiddity! The new site focuses on arts, crafts, and creativity. With the holiday season approaching, I wanted to make sure we had some momentum going.  Highlights from the first few months include an interview with Arizona glass bead artist Haley Smith, a burlap wreath tutorial, and The Bead Hoarders Blog Hop which was organized by Lori Anderson at Pretty Things.

Serengeti Necklace by rlcFor the hop I created this Serengeti Necklace; the pendant consists of an elephant bead wired to a piece of bark from the Paulownia tree, also known as the Empress Tree. I enjoy crafting with unusual and reusable objects; this is a theme we will be revisiting at Museiddity in the months to come.

With the other site up and running, I feel I can relax back into a routine and resume my postings here. Thank you for sticking around! As a treat, please enjoy this photo taken by Penkdix Palme.