This year marks the 39th anniversary of Earth Day.  Celebrated on different days by different nations, (the UN officially celebrates on March 21st), Earth Day has reportedly become “the largest secular holiday in the world”,  according to Earth Day Network, with no boundaries as to creed or religion.  I wonder if Senator Gaylord Nelson ever envisioned such a mass embracement.

There is good reason to celebrate.  Our one, tiny universe is home to an estimated 100 billion galaxies.  In all our years studying these galaxies whether it be with refractive telescopes, infrared or radio waves, we have not yet found anything comparative to our beautiful blue planet.

Are we a result of a quantum fluctuation?  Are we divinely crafted?  Does it matter?

All we really know is this…

there is no place like home.

How many are there?

How many are there?


 Would you like to help astronomers classify galaxies.  If so, log onto Galaxy Zoo.  Take their How To tutorial, create a log in account and spend your free time exploring space.

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