In my last post I mentioned that some people living in “haunted houses” adjust to the situation by viewing the “uninvited” as guests or extended family. They laugh off or boast about the situation and in essence they befriend the ghost– after all, it works in the movies, right? Hey, I grew up with Casper too so grab a Coke and a smile and let’s talk.

If It Looks Like Grandma and Smells Like Grandma—It May Not Be Grandma

Goodbyes are painful. When all we have left are the memories it is comforting to think a departed loved one will come to visit from time to time, and quite often they do. In times of emotional distress it is not uncommon to will feel their supportive presence. But our loved ones don’t stay for long—and they won’t be doing anything to frighten us. So, if you think a loved one has “moved in” and is trying to get your attention by slamming doors and turning electrical devises on and off think again; it is most likely an imposter.

Discarnate spirits, bad energies or other entities looking for opportunity will fill-in wherever they can. In case you are wondering how “they” know what grandma smelled like… There is a level upon which all our thoughts and feelings are transparent. It is our illusions as humans that lead us to believe our thoughts are contained within the flesh. Not so, they are riding around in the ether and can be tuned into like a radio wave.

When Good Ghouls Go Mad

Active spirits have a limited reasoning capacity. They tend to be temperamental and territorial—and they’re sneaky. As long as you are playing by their rules they stay low. Challenge the status quo, however, and watch out!

Someone I am very close to lives under haunted circumstances. For years the family dealt with apparitions, toys turning on and off (all of them…at the same time) and voices in the basement. They called in one of the better known ghost hunting troops thinking it would be cool to have all the activity verified. Well, it upset the “others” and ever since the ghost hunters’ visit things have been really bad.

What’s bad? Even I don’t know everything that has happened; they don’t like to talk about it. I do know that they have more than one visitor. I know that the woman was home alone one day and heard noises in the kitchen. She went to investigate and saw pans being thrown and broken dishes on the floor. Then, one day the youngest boy was in his room yelling for help. Something had moved his dresser in front of the door, barricading the child in the room. The boy could not move the dresser and was freaking out.

The family finally called in a shaman to cleanse and bless the house. The shaman ended up in the hospital and the family is in the process of moving. Upon reflection the family has realized that not only did they have these poltergeist activities but that some members of the family have been under “oppression”—their thoughts and activities influenced by the spirits. This kind of manipulation can be a subtle as being depressed or exhausted for no reason or having unprovoked violent thoughts to the altering of the person’s physical appearance and actual changes in behavior.

United We Stand

The first step toward clearing your home is to support each other. There are probably only a few members of your family experiencing strange phenomena. Just because not everyone can see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Your united, heartfelt, “we are in this together” attitude will be your greatest weapon. Take the family away from the house and have a long, open-minded discussion. Let each person describe their experiences without judgment. Now, with the topic no longer taboo and each individual feeling supported your family will be able to deal with the situation.

Still to come… What attracts “ghosts” and how to un-invite them.

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