Have you ever just had a string of bad luck?

It all started a few months ago when the washer and dryer broke. The dryer had been limping along for a while but when the washer gave up I decided it was time for a new set; little did I know that this was just the beginning…

The fountain in the garden stopped pumping and then the pump in the hot tub did too.

Before we could get to those problems the refrigerator died. We spent two nights trying to repair it before accepting that we needed to replace it.

Meanwhile, the handle broke off the screen door.

Lowe’s delivered a new refrigerator—they removed the front door just to get it in. I had purchased an unused-yet-rebuilt model, silly me. The fridge was in place and the front door reattached and…no worky-worky. Off came the front door and out went the new fridge.

I threw out some food and bought ice for the Igloo.

Two days later the new fridge came. Off we went to buy some food and the handle broke off the only working door on the truck—stuck in the parking lot at Trader Joe’s.

Things were just beginning to get back to normal when the computer got hacked; some creepy person took out the hard drive, we couldn’t even fully erase it.

By this time funds were getting pretty low so we decided to fix the hot tub and put it up for sale. It’s fixed, it’s clean, and it’s working! We list it. That night a horrendous wind storm comes through and completely rips apart one corner of the cover.

Spa corner

What’s a girl to do?

Happy Doodle rlc


           Talk to your favorite plant. Sweet Potato rlc

Light a candle and have some tea.

Above all, keep your sense of humor; it’s the balm of life.