This one has so much imagery I had trouble deciding on a picture!

Hallow Weeny(s)

Bats from the belfry
Swinging from the eaves
Overlooks skullduggery
And spiders in the leaves

Exposed skulls…very scary
And goblins giving fright
Gathering darkness very eerie
Enveloping this sordid sight

Moonlight bright and silvery
Cleaves the blackening night
Forcing a change of scenery
And flushing out the fright

The black witch of sorcery
Mounting her speedy broom
Knows that the weeny(s)
Will soon depart the gloom

–H. Weeny, H.W.C.,B.S.A

The pendulum sways, counting down the hours to the end…of the contest.

Don’t play dead, rise up to our invitation–we dare you to enter! Winner takes the jewels. You have until midnight Saturday.

For our fifth entry we have a beautiful seasonal poem by J. C. Nierad.

Until October

Nearly all year
the beige brick house
is ignored
until October.

When the tenth month taps,
Thick, yellow acrylics
paint the Cottonwood
quietly living at
the beige brick house.

Nearly all October,
Evelyn dances daily in the yard.
Silver hair swaying underneath straw brim.
Dark jeans, rose gloves
hint at humanity mingling with
glowing, golden forces.

The waltz begins at the corner,
circling popping leaves.
Step, rake, step. Step, rake, step.
Gracefully flowing into the street.
Responsibly honoring the tree’s fleeting fame.

Gliding around the goddessAutumn Cottonwood Tree by Lulu Brymer
nearly all October
until the branches bare
their beige
winter souls.

J.C. Nierad

image courtesy of LuLu Brymer

visit her portfolio at FineArtAmerica[dot]com

Autumn splendor, childhood memories, monsters lurking…I love the different themes being sent in! There are just a few days remaining in our Autumn Poetry and Children’s Verse Contest, deadline is October 29th, so key in your verse and send your entry to PonderAutumnPoems[at] Prize is a pair of sparkly earrings–details and picture of prize posted on our October 15th post. Winner will be announced on All Soul’s Day, November 1st.

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Here is our fourth entry (and we have four days to go). Today Marcia gets creative with her nod to gothic romance!

            Shiver and Ugh

I read some books about vampires
a girl fell in love with one
But I confess I felt some ire
When she said she would be one.

I never saw a vampire tooth
I never want to see oneVampire Teeth by Dawn at DragoArt
But I can tell you this right now
I’d rather see than— feeeeel one.

Marcia Dahlinghaus

image courtesy of DragoArt


And now…

A note from our sponsors:

Come all you ghouls

The good and the creepy

and write me a line

that’s just a bit freaky

A Jack-O who hums

A raven in flight

Or children who knock

on your door

for a fright

Our contest will end

Four moons from today

And all of this fun

will just fade


by Robyn C.


If I can write one so can you!

Up to 100 words on anything Autumn/Halloween/Samhain/Harvest–either a poem or children’s verse. Last day is Oct 29th. Prize is a pair of earrings. Details below on the October 15th post.

We have our first entry for the Ponder Autumn Poetry Contest!

Thank you to John Herres for being brave enough to go first.


Monsters are real to an extent, it seems,
They mainly stick to really bad dreams.
At times, however, a feeling I get
That one may be lurking in the shadows yet.
On a foggy night that fills me with dread,
I think I feel persons long since dead.
They creep through the night and whisper to me;
They tap on my shoulder and laugh with glee.
I feel icy cold fingers grip me tight
And not want to let up for the rest of the night.
Footsteps behind me, I increase my pace;
In the window’s reflection, I see a dead face.
I hear spectral laughter, my heartbeat increases,
And fear makes me sweat, and want to go to pieces.
I feel the small hairs on the back of my neck
Prickle and stand up like sailors on a deck.
The air turns cold all the sudden it seems,
And then I hear blood curdling screams
Of those who’ve been taken before their time
And search for whomever committed the crime.

by John Herres

Okay all you ghouls and goblins–climb out of your coffins and pick up your plumes! Don’t be frightened away just because our first contestant has a website link. Everyone’s invited!

Send in your gremlin-punch jingles, your disturbing bedtime stories, and your pumpkin-toss tongue twisters; any topic autumn related from cornucopias to candy corn. Oh, and you can enter as many times as you like. Details are below on the October 15th post.

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Halloween Mantel by RC
It’s a Halloween/Autumn/Harvest Poetry Contest!


I love autumn. After the heat and long days of summer, autumn offers a sigh. Kick-off-your-shoes relaxing, scenic-drive-in-the-country enjoyable, autumn lets us open the windows and light the candles. We slow down, we bake cookies, and in the quiet twilight we write poems!
Autumn Perch by RCSo, here is my autumn call to all of you Poes, Thoreaus, Rumis, and Suesses to pen an ode to the season. Bring out the ghouls, the gourds, and the golden-hued leaves—whatever you fancy the season is up to you, just keep it family-readable. What’s the trick? Only one writer will win the treat.
Cast a spell over our judges with your originality, expression, and technical mastery. Although they will consider the pleas of the people, in the end the judges alone will decide your fate.  
The one among you deemed most worthy wins the jewels–a pair of custom made earrings (sorry guys—you can enter but you still get the earrings). Sterling silver French wires with sapphire/amethmix glass and Swarovski crystals. The colors are basically lavender and pink but the orbs have an iridescence that reminds me of the aurora borealis. AutumnPoemEarrings by RC
How to Brew…
Each entry will be posted on A Ponderance of Things as it is received—so the earlier you submit your entry the more time you will have for readers to comment. Deadline for entries is midnight (Mountain Time), October 29th. Please send your spell-checked and edited entries in the body of an email (no attachments) to PonderAutumnPoems[at] with Poetry Contest in the subject line. Limit is 100 words.  Entries will be posted as-is so be sure to check for errors, there will be no editing after posting. Allow me 24 hrs to let you know I have received your email. I will send you a link as well once your entry is posted. Be sure to include an email where I can reach you in the event of your winning as I will then need a mailing address. Also, remember to include your “by line” (name or pen name).
The winner will be posted on November 1st, All Soul’s Day. If for any reason I fail to obtain a mailing address from the winner by November 5th a new winner will be chosen and notified.
Blessed Crafting! 

RedRaven by RC

Midnight Wonder

Shadows swaying in the night
Shifting candles burning bright
Cares tossed to white-hot flames
Effigies coax, “Begin again”
Golden fields at midnight sewn
By silver orb are dreams borne
Past, decayed, is put asunder
Souls attuned.
            Jubilant Wonder!

By Robyn Chausse