Pipe_Dreams_preview.1If you’re tired of a summer reading list filled with sappy romance novels then listen up, this book has “bite”!

The scenario:

Due to bio warfare we are now under military control. That alone is scary enough, but add some genetic engineering, an organized “underground”, spice it up with potential romance and stir with the manipulator of all manipulators and you have one heck of a meal.

My thoughts:

What I love about Pipe Dreams, and what frightens me the most, is the believable plot that could very well happen tomorrow (conspiracy theorists will eat this up). Although listed as “dystopian,” this novel is tame enough for any fiction lover to enjoy.

Allison keeps up the pace with plenty of plot twists and engaging dialog. She offers us a diverse cast of characters each with their own convictions and illustrates “how our individual pursuit of dreams affects our collective reality.”

Allison’s voice has been described as poetic or lyrical. Perhaps it is the artist in her that allows “heart” to shine through her writing. Her scenes are visually descriptive; her characters’ emotions tangible. Intelligent wordplay and structure blend her writing, in any genre, into something more literary. This is Destiny Allison’s first novel, but it is her second book. Shaping Destiny, her memoir, was published in March of 2012 (I reviewed it here).

Pipe Dreams will be released on June 3rd, but don’t let that delay you! You can get a sample of the book or pre-order a copy. Allison will be blog-touring in July; sign up on her mailing list to find out more about the tour. Also, you can follow on Twitter with the hashtag #pipedreams.

Note to all artists and writers: Destiny Allison is paying it forward! Twenty-five percent of her proceeds through June will be given to someone with a project or dream to fuel. Read more about that on her site.

Destiny Allison was living an all-too-common existence as a wife and mother who had lost her sense of self, and yet, she felt a stirring underneath. One frustrating evening she took up a handful of hobby clay and molded a figure. In this figure she recognized the chasm between the lives we bear and the lives we desire.

What lies beneath the personae we don each day? How do we uncover our masked face? Where can we find a reflection of our true self and the courage to exchange living for existence? Destiny Allison found her answers at the intersection of art and life.

Shaping Destiny: A Quest for Meaning in Art and Life isn’t just a book on transformation; it includes studies in form, structure, and vision. It isn’t just a book about art; in it the author candidly shares personal philosophies and life changes. This is a book with a holistic view of the mergence of art and life.

Destiny begins each chapter with an art lesson followed by her autobiographical narrative bringing us along as she discovers her passion for art, uncovers her abilities, and sculpts a new life. I found the author’s writing to be intelligent and candid; she drew me in immediately and kept my attention throughout the book.

If you are a creative or artistic person, if you enjoy memoirs, or if you are at a crossroads and need a bit of encouragement I highly recommend Shaping Destiny: A Quest for Meaning in Art and Life by Destiny Allison. This book made my Top 5 list!