DancingAtTheShamePromYou know she’s there, lurking behind every happy moment and every big decision…Shame. There she is, wagging a finger and reminding us of what we did—saying we don’t deserve anything more in this life. Did you think you were her only victim? The truth is that each of us hosts Shame—and it’s time to kick her out!

Amy Ferris and Hollye Dexter are on a mission to help us give Shame the boot! These talented ladies, together with twenty-five other writers, share their most shameful experiences in this new anthology Dancing at the Shame Prom. Their premise is simple; what you release no longer holds you.

In each of these twenty-seven chapters one writer shares her story, followed by her final thoughts on the matter and what she hopes readers glean from her tale. Like a loving sisterhood they tell us that everyone has at least one traumatic anchor—that isn’t shame, that’s life. Do the best you can along the way and then let it go. I’m willing to bet that no matter how bad your experience or choice was, you will find something more difficult in this collection—and if this writer worked through her shame so can you!

P.S. Bring a box of tissues.

Ready to dance? Dancing at the Shame Prom is on a virtual tour through January 10, 2013. Follow their tour, interact with the authors and enter to win copies—the information is all here at Women On Writing . You can also visit the authors at http://www.theshameprom.com. Please enjoy this book trailer featuring Hollye at the (shame) prom.

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Dancing at the Shame Prom

Edited by Amy Ferris and Hollye Dexter

Seal Press (September 11, 2012)

I’m nowhere near ready for the Christmas season but I wanted to share with you a fun new children’s story; The Christmas Village by Melissa Goodwin. The author jokingly refers to it as It’s a Wonderful Life meets Back to the Future and she isn’t far off…

The Christmas Village is the story of Jaime, a 12 year old boy whose father recently left. Jaime is having difficulty dealing with all the changes and, while at his grandmother’s house, begins wishing he could live somewhere peaceful and safe…like his grandmother’s miniature Christmas Village.

Poof! One night Jaime gets his wish magically transports into the little village, but things are not always as they appear…there is danger in the town of Canterbury. It’s a winter adventure as Jaime tries to help his friends and find a way home.

This is a warm, cozy read reflecting the importance of friends and family, trust, forgiveness, and gratitude. Great for ages 8 and up (I read it twice!). I love the book trailer, which I’ve pasted below for your enjoyment. I also had the opportunity to interview the author, Melissa Ann Goodwin, who is touring this week with WOW! You can read the interview and follow the tour schedule here.

Melissa Ann Goodwin is a native New Englander, now living in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband, artist J. Richard Secor. She has written extensively for Fun for Kidz, Boys’ Quest and Hopscotch for Girls. She was a regular feature article contributor to the Caregiver’s Home Companion for more than five years. Her work has appeared in Guideposts’ Angels on Earth, Caregivers’ Home Companion, Caring Today, The Lutheran Digest, The Peak Magazine, The Andover Townsman, and the Martha’s Vineyard Gazette. Her poetry took 10th prize in The Writer’s Digest 2010 annual competition. The Christmas Village is her first novel.

Author’s Websites:

Melissa Ann Goodwin

The Christmas Village