Have you ever “frisbeed” a pie?

 I was in my early twenties and newly married when I received the call from my husband; so-and-so is having a birthday here at work, could you make a pie…for tomorrow.

 In a Betty-Crocker moment I was peeling apples and mixing dough.  The dough, however, was not in the mood to be baked that day. It resisted and split while I floured and rolled. Finally, frustration hit in one fired-up moment; energy moved up my body, down my arm and the Pyrex pie dish with the obstinate dough went sailing across the room.

 I picked up the phone and called my husband, “You are not getting your pie for tomorrow and we are going out to dinner.”

The Betty-Crocker tip here is to always keep your flour in an airtight container and date it. Don’t use old flour.

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