The Challenge: To create something with a blank tin, preferably using materials already on hand.

Twenty bloggers took up the challenge and today is the unveiling of twenty funky tiny tins!

My Entry: Wacky Time

Wacky Time reminds us not to take time too seriously.

Time gracefully unfolds her petals revealing a rotational dance; moonrise, sunset…time holds magical space.

Looking into the face of time we fail to bear witness to the gift, instead we see our own confusion reflected back to us–the ridiculous self-imposed constraints, deadlines, and obligations with which we fill our days.

Okay, so this didn’t come out the way I pictured in my mind. If I were to do it again I would use paint pens instead of cheap paint brushes. Not everything works the first time around…that’s okay; the important thing is to give it a try.

Materials List:

  • 1 Tiny Tin
  • 1 plastic, battery operated clock. Disassembled and reassembled using the tin as the clock face.
  • Sculpy Ultra Light oven bake clay
  • Acrylic paints and sealant


Disassemble clock to insure backing will fit inside your tiny tin. Mark the spot for the pin that hold the clock hands. Drill the whole. File any sharp edges.

Create your Sculpy form directly on the tin cover. Be sure to check that Sculpy form does not interfere with replacement of the tin bottom. Bake cover for the required time to harden clay.

Once cover has cooled, paint your sculpture and clock face. Allow to dry completely before applying sealant.

Apply sealant. Allow to dry completely.

Reassemble clock onto the tin cover. Depending on your sculpture you may need to trim the clock hands. (Note: reassembling the clock requires realigning the clock wheel mechanisms—luckily, I have a mechanic in the house)

Insert battery into clock and snap the cover back onto the tin bottom.

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A big Thank You to Michelle Mach at Beads & Books for hosting this challenge!

What would you do with a tiny tin?