What are your favorite memories from childhood?

Closing my eyes, I ponder this question. The soft whoosing of water spraying under the creosote bush takes me back to summer days spent running through the sprinklers. Mom would have made frozen orange juice bars and Dad would be preparing the grill for a dinner on the patio.

Breathe, what else comes to mind?

  • The excitement and awe of kittens being born.
  • Pulling green onions from the garden for munching. (Actually, the bulbs never came out so I ate the green tops…much to Dad’s frustration.)
  • The soft hummm, click-click-click of the sewing machine.
  • The day Dad taught me how to use a torch to burnish edges of a decoupage–I think I was I was 9yrs old. (I wonder if Mom knew what we were up to…)

There are plenty of fond memories from bedtime tuck-ins to my parents spontaneously breaking into song…usually in the kitchen. Looking back, I’d say my fondest memories are those that whisper, “Home.”

I wrote today’s post as part of the WOW-Women on Writing’s “Everybody’s Talking About Favorite Childhood Memories” mass-blogging event celebrating the release of Finding Emma by Steena Holmes (www.steenaholmes.com).

Steena is a woman who believes that ‘in the end, all things succumb…to the passions of your heart’. Steena’s life revolves around her family, friends and fiction. Add some chocolate into the mix and she’s living the good life. She took those passions and made them a dream come true by pouring her heart into each of her stories.

Finding Emma has quickly become a bestseller. Proceeds from each book will be donated to The Missing Children’s Society of Canada – an organization dedicated to reuniting families. Visit www.mcsc.ca for more information.

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