Every year it sneaks up on you and you find yourself resorting to the same old Mother’s Day gifts—flowers, brunch, a gift card… Why not do something different this year? Here are four ideas to start with; I invite you to share your own ideas in the comments section!

Garden in a Hat:
Supplies Needed:
An old straw hat or a decorative hat purchased in the in the floral department at your local craft store.
A plastic shopping bag for lining the crown of the hat
Small amount of potting soil
Small amount of sphagnum moss, available at the craft store.
Two or three small potted plants

Turn the hat upside down and line the inside with plastic.
Arrange the potted plants in the crown of the hat
Fill the extra space around the pots with soil
Cover the surface with sphagnum moss.

Personalized Stationery:
Supplies Needed:
Plain stationery sheets from your local office supply store or handmade paper from a specialty paper supplier.
Paint pens, colored pencils, or stencil paints available in the scrapbooking section of your local craft store.
Stamps, stencils or items to trace (for patterns)
(Note: you can make your own stencils out of chipboard or use objects found at home such as the rims of drinking glasses, cookie cutters, jewelry pendants, etc… to create your own designs)
A yard of pretty ribbon

For a classic look simply paint a thin line of gold, or any solid color, around the edge of each page.
Use your stencils and other items to create borders, headers/footers or a simple design down one side
Once the pages are dry simply stack them and tie with the ribbon.

Paper Doll Tea Party:
Go full “girly” with a mother-daughter tea party and share a bit of creative time together!

The menu:
Keep it simple with hot or iced tea (or punch), finger sandwiches, sliced fruits and cupcakes.

The entertainment: Making paper dolls.

Supplies Needed:

Paper doll forms:
Draw and cut out your own dolls or print them from Printable Paper Dolls. Hair do’s and clothing can be printed out too or you can make your own—that’s where the fun comes in…

Stack of plain paper
No. 2 pencils and colored pencils or felt pens

Release your inner fashion designer! Create dresses, shoes, purses, puppies on leashes, or anything else your dolly desires. Preserve your finished masterpieces, and the memoirs, in a frame or scrapbook.

Auctioned Items:

Is your mom a writer who would like a critique of her memoir-in-progress? Does she appreciate art, jewelry or photography? Click on over to the Pens for Paws auction for unique gift ideas!

Several items are already on the auction block including my Winter’s Frost necklace. The Chocolate Royale necklace will be up soon with more items to follow in the next few days. Like any auction, the bidding moves quickly so keep you eye on the podium!

for pictures of these necklaces see this previous post.

Share your Mother’s Day ideas with us!