Journal Frenzy by RLCJournals are wonderful tools—you can organize lists, sort out your thoughts, monitor progress, decipher dreams, and get rid of all those little sticky-notes by keeping a journal.  A journal is simply a blank book put into use for a particular purpose—I keep several.

Journaling Guru Mari McCarthy devotes her web-site and her life to teaching others how to use journaling to make lasting changes in their life whether it is for healing, organization or self-discovery. Mari is the author of several books including Pay Yourself First, Who Are You?, and Dark Chocolate for the Journaler’s Soul.  If you have ever wanted to start journaling, or if you have been journaling but would like to gain more out of the experience, I highly suggest a visit to Create Write Now—I know Mari can answer all of your questions! Oh, and if you would like to know more about what types of journals I keep you can read my guest post.☺

Happy Friday!