October 2011

Midnight Wonder

Shadows swaying in the night
Shifting candles burning bright
Cares tossed to white-hot flames
Effigies coax, “Begin again”
Golden fields at midnight sewn
By silver orb are dreams borne
Past, decayed, is put asunder
Souls attuned.
            Jubilant Wonder!

By Robyn Chausse

I just spent $2.75 on a glass of iced tea at an oh-so-popular coffee bar. An outrageous price considering that I usually purchase a box of eighty Irish Tea bags for less than that–plus a bag of ice for one dollar—and am set for several weeks. So, why would I spend three quarters of my tea budget on one glass? One word…defrost.

Yes, my refrigerator took the plunge two days ago; ever wondered how much water a melted 10lb bag of ice can make? Lots! Needles to say, I lost most of my food. Now, most of you are probably saying, “Hey, it’s October, just put your food outside.” Yeah…it’s 100 degrees outside today. I live in the land of perpetual summer…

 So, what do I think of this three-dollar glass of tea? Well, it isn’t very strong. It tastes a wee bit slimy…like the tea from those “Mist” machines. But, it’s cold and it’s wet and right now that is good enough.

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