Letters From Home by Kristina McMorris
Women’s Fiction
Kensington Books
ISBN: 978-0-7582-4684-4

Once in awhile we come across a story that can take us on an emotional ride. A timeless story told with innocence. A story we can share with our parent’s and our teenagers; one that can bring us together with conversation and memories. Kristina McMorris has given us such a story in her new novel Letters from Home.

Against the backdrop of WWII, a story told through dated letters and entries follows the lives of three young women struggling with issues of friendship, love, honesty and choices.

Liz is engaged to an up and coming politician when she finds herself attracted to Morgan McClain, who is just heading off on tour of duty. The two begin a courtship through letters, but McClain believes he is writing to someone else!

Julia is torn between a once in a lifetime chance to follow her heart’s desire, and settling down into respectable married life with her fiancé who is due to return from war.

Betty, tired and frustrated with her place in society, enlists and finds herself at an Army hospital in the line of fire.

Each of these characters reaches a point where they can no longer be who they have been.

Behind this entertaining light read is a history we all share in some way. It is McMorris’ handling of this history which gives the story substance, successfully straddling that fine line between enabling us to experience the emotional realities of war without assaulting us. We feel the coldness in the battlefield trenches, we taste the sugar rations, but our attention is kept fully on the journey of the characters.

We get to know the characters as we would any other set of friends, a little at a time. We see their flaws and then, as we are allowed a glimpse into their history we come to understand them. The characters are true to their time, especially the three females who make up the core of the story as each one embodies an archetype of women in that era. We feel their struggles as they live through a time when the socially acceptable roles were in flux.

Deftly written and rich with detail this story stirs the senses. McMorris tells a tale which will linger in your mind long after closing the cover.


“Kristina McMorris lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two sons. She has garnered more than twenty national literary awards since writing her first novel, Letters from Home. A graduate of Pepperdine University, she spent twelve years hosting weekly television shows, including an Emmy® Award-winning television show at age nine. Prior to her literary career, she was the owner of a wedding/event planning business and public relations director of an international conglomerate.

Find out more about Kristina by visiting her website: www.KristinaMcMorris.com.”

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