My dad gave me this beautiful rooster for my birthday. If you have ever wondered why French homes always seem to have rooster décor it is because the rooster is supposed to bring prosperity. I have him facing my front door and open the blinds each day. After all, if prosperity is walking down the street I want it to see the rooster! Just what is so lucky about a rooster you ask? Well, the story is that “when morning came the cock crowed twice…and Christ died”. I love the rooster. I don’t quite “get” the story.

 What is our fascination with talismans anyway?

 I remember as a young child I had a lucky rabbit’s foot. I loved that little furry thing—until I realized that it really did used to be on a rabbit! It made me wonder “why is this lucky? It was on the rabbit and apparently didn’t bring him much luck!”

Take lucky coins for instance. Are they lucky because you found them or won them? That means someone else lost them. That means that Luck is fickle and that not all lucky talismans are lucky for all.

And then there are items which are definitely not lucky, like the Hope Diamond; downright deadly yet everyone wants it.

I think things are lucky to the extent that you want them to be—to the extent that you allow yourself to be. After all, the power to attract all things good and not so good lies within us.

 Now, if you’ll excuse me…I need to light a candle for my rooster.