Virginia Cemetary at NightHalloween is fast approaching and with it would-be ghost hunters are on the prowl. It is said that upwards of 70% of all Americans believe in the paranormal, in fact, according to a Gallup Poll taken in 2005 three out of 4 people believe in the paranormal and I am tempted to bet that the number has increased since then. The popularity of shows such as John Edward, TAPS, The Ghost Whisperer and The Sixth Sense dragged what was once considered taboo right out of the closet and into everyday conversation.

If your only knowledge of the paranormal has been via John Edward or The Ghost Whisperer listen up—when uninvited guests go bump in the night they are usually nowhere near ready to cross over.  In fact, they may not be confused dead people at all—they may be disembodied ne’er doers.

If they aren’t your long-lost Aunt Pearl and Uncle Charlie then who are they and why are they bothering you? First, it helps to begin referring to “them” as “energies” and not “spirits”. Energy is all around us. It is measurable on a scale and just as there is light and dark there is positive and negative. Think vibes—some places and people have good vibes, some bad. Just as people want to socialize with like-minded people, energy seeks a similar frequency (or one it can feed from) and builds.

Now, some people think it would be cool to live in a haunted house. Some people who do live in haunted places try to make do by telling themselves they are with “extended family”. But when the “others” begin influencing loved one’s behaviors, frightening children or being physically abusive it can turn bad quickly.

The next several posts will look at what attracts these energies or entities and how to get rid of them. I will share my own experiences and you can share yours. I will point the way towards some sources and experts, explain how to have a vibrationally healthy house. My aim is to give you enough information that you can recognize a problem and deal with it coming from a place of confidence and clarity.

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