Moon in Clouds 2010-RCShrieks and Thrills and October Chills

Meet us at the door

The Moon holds Sway

Over Mind’s own Play

And the Raven creeks,


RC 2010

The house next door to us has been vacant for awhile now. I’ve become accustomed to not having to worry about closing the blinds at night even if I happen to be wearing…well,not much.

As I was passing through the living room a few nights ago I caught a glimpse of someone walking down the pathway on the side of our house. Startled, I jumped back behind a doorway because this was one of those times I was wearing “not much”.

My partner, noticing my odd behavior, gave me a quizzical look. I mentioned that I saw someone in our yard. I went on to describe a short statured male with light-colored hair. 

“Sigh, I was hoping you wouldn’t notice,” he said. “There’s been a traveler checking out the place next door for the past week or so; I just haven’t had the energy to deal with him yet.”

I knew then that he had understood—we weren’t talking about a person.

Do you have an unsettling story to share…something spooky? Perhaps you have a favorite Halloween memory… Share your story with us!

On October 31st a random winner will be chosen to receive a handmade, autumn themed decoration.

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