I was be-boppin’ around on the web last week and somehow came across a couple of links to personality tests.  Now, I am not usually one for nonsense like that so of course I followed the links…

Exactly what is it that makes us want to squeeze into someone else’s set of narrow-minded perceptions, aka…The Box?  We seem to have a fascination for being labeled and categorized after which we revolt and give a shout for individuality.

The results of the first test satisfied both impulses; I was categorized and then informed that my personality is rare, about 1% of the population.  I celebrated by writing my sister, cheerily informing her that Mom and Dad can now relax, there apparently is a place in this world for me after all.

On to test number two which contained only yes/no answers and some confusing questions.  For example, one question states “You tend to be unbiased even if this might endanger your good relations with people”.  Which part of this question am I answering?  What if I am not usually unbiased but if I were I would stand my position even if it made others uncomfortable? 

Test number two placed me in a different box although strangely this one also fit my self-perception; again… rare–less than 4% of the population.  Could it be that every personality type comes back as rare?  I mean, how much fun would it be to read “congratulations, 94% of the population is just like you”?

If you would like test my theory these tests may be found at: