The din of the holidays is passed; I can almost feel the house breathe a sigh.  The sun is shining and the only sound I hear is the hum of the clothes dryer, this is a rare moment of peace.  Today is the first Monday of a new year.  I pour my first cup of tea, contemplating which item on my to do list will have the honor of ushering in the work week…none, I decide, I will begin my year by arranging flowers.

 I love being lost in the flowers.  The coolness of the petals, the scent…  I enjoy watching as the arrangement takes shape.  As I work I become aware of my thoughts:

Vary the color and texture to add interest

Vary the length of the stems to add dimension and shape

Create your arrangement in a way that suits your chosen container, the flowers should look like they belong in that container

Leave some space so the flowers can be seen

Add foliage for texture and to fill in any unsightly gaps

Share your bouquet with others

 And then I realize that flower arranging is a lot like writing,

                                                                                                                   and like life.