Happy Hogmanay, otherwise known as New Years Eve; incidentally, today is also the sixth day in the twelve days of Christmas. There is some debate as to the origin of the word hogmanay, some say it derived from the phrase au gui menez which means, “lead to the mistletoe”, others say it began as oge midne or “good morning”. Whatever the origin may be, the meaning is the same as today– many blessings on your new year.

Traditionally this was a day of tidying up loose ends; houses were cleaned, clothes mended and debts were paid. The New Year was to be welcomed as an honored guest not to be marred by “leftovers” from the previous year. For most of us, this level of clearing is not feasible but it does offer us something to ponder.

As we make our resolutions of new attributes to adopt let’s also take a look of what we can release. We can release our distrust of others not like us. We can release our anger at those we feel have hurt us. We can forgive ourselves for not always acting in our own best interest– abuse victims are all too familiar with this particular version of guilt. We can forgive our parents, siblings and spouses for not being perfect.

It’s amazing how much of our energy is tied up with past experiences, energy better spent on what we want to create now.  There is an old chant which says, “Hogmanay Trololay, give us your white bread and none of your gray”.  In other words, partake of what is fresh and discard the old.  So, here’s a toast to new beginnings…and lots of fresh, fluffy bread.

“Thank You” to all my new friends and everyone who has visited me this year.  May you have an absolutely delightful 2010.