Last February my sister and I celebrated our first birthday together in over twenty-five years.  We packed a picnic, grabbed a bottle of wine and drove out to the desert.  There, with saguaros standing sentinel, we had our first conversation together as adults.

 Our last deep conversation had been over a bag of butterscotch baking chips, I think I was all of five years old at the time.  My sister married when she was eighteen, I was seven, and in the years that followed we had become strangers.  So there we were, two middle-aged women with a lifetime’s worth of stories.

 I remember there was a soft, warm breeze rustling through the scrub brush.  Slowly we began by sharing our painful stories first.  Before long we were crying with each other’s pain, laughing at our similar mishaps and marveling at how alike we truly are.

This is the magic of sisters.  That no matter how much time or distance may come between us our special connection will always hold true.  


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